Husker Du

Grant Hart, Bob Mould and Greg Norton didn’t necessarily intend to create one of the fastest bands of their time when they formed Hüsker Dü in 1979, but not everything that happens is intentional. The group formed in the aftermath of the first punk rock movement that sparked the Ramones and the Sex Pistols. Mould and Hart met when they both applied for the same record store job in Minneapolis. Hart got the job, but the two became friends. The first incarnation of the band included a keyboard player, but he didn’t last through the first show. After establishing themselves in the Minneapolis music scene, Hüsker Dü hit the road, eventually meeting other like-minded bands, like Black Flag and the Minutemen. Their first two records, ‘Land Speed Record’ and ‘Everything Falls Apart’ set them up to become hardcore punk icons and also set the stage for ‘Metal Circus.’ This new album broadened the band’s sound into the pop music spectrum and subsequently gained the attention of college radio stations across the country. With each release thereafter, Hüsker Dü continued to expand their sonic horizons into more pop and rock and roll territories. Eventually, they signed to Warner Bros. and released two more albums, ‘Candy Apple Grey’ and ‘Warehouse: Songs and Stories.’ By then, though, tension between Hart and Mould had become irreconcilable. The trio split soon after the suicide of their manager and friend David Savoy. Since then, Hart and Mould have both continued solo careers.

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