Iron and Wine

Iron and Wine Cover Little Feat’s ‘Trouble’ for Singles Series
Indie rockers Iron and Wine have issued a cover of Little Feat's 'Trouble' to include as the B-side to 'One More Try,' the George Michael song they previously contributed to indie label Suicide Squeeze's current singles series. The 7" single is titled 'Two Sides of George' -- in honor, of course, of George Michael and Lowell George of the classic rock act Little Feat -- and will be produced i
Chevy Sonic Night Swimming Commercial – What’s the Song?
Locking yourself out of your car isn't so bad when you're swimming with friends and when you have the music of Iron and Wine for comfort. The indie act headed by Sam Beam appears in the latest Chevy Sonic commercial that focuses on a group of night swimming young people who are saved by the MyChevrolet App, which allows users to unlock their car by using a cell phone.