Johnny Marr

Life After the Smiths
Few musicians have had as much influence on what we now call "alternative rock" as Johnny Marr. First as Morrissey's songwriting partner in the Smiths and subsequently as one of music's greatest collaborators, the Mancunian guitarist has forged a 30-plus year career filled with artistic triumphs...
Smiths Revisited
Former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr hit the stage of ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ last night (May 1), where he played the title track from his debut solo LP, ‘The Messenger’ (above). But that's not all: Marr also shot a web-exclusive performance of the beloved Smiths tune ‘How Soon Is Now?’ (below).
Johnny Marr, ‘The Messenger’ – Album Review
It’s no surprise that the first solo album by Johnny Marr sounds like the past quarter century of indie rock boiled down to a dozen tightly structured songs. In addition to his role as guitarist and co-songwriter for the Smiths, Marr has played with everyone from the Pretenders and Talking Heads to Pearl Jam and Modest Mouse since the Smiths disbanded in 1987. ‘The Messenger’ is both summation and

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