Hailing from Southern California, Tan Sister Radio serve up some peppy garage rock on their forthcoming album, ‘Hat Trick.’ Hear a sampling of what’s to come with our exclusive premiere of one of the LP’s lead-off singles, ‘Hole You Live In’ (stream below).

It’s an irresistible sing-along, tempting listeners with bouncing choruses brimming with infectious “whoa-ohs” and chugging guitars. Clocking in at slightly more than three minutes, the song benefits from its brevity, though the making of ‘Hat Trick’ wasn’t a quick process. The band spent the better part of five years working on the album in a bedroom-turned-recording-studio in their home of La Mesa, Calif. You’ll hear their dedication and hopefulness glowing in ‘Hole You Live In.’

Check out the song below and keep an eye out for ‘Hat Trick,’ which is due out in February via Ursa Polaris Records.