Good hotels offer continental breakfast and free wi-fi. Great ones will loan you an acoustic guitar. Just ask L.A. trio Tashaki Miyaki, who visited New York City last month to play a couple of shows. The band didn't bring an acoustic guitar -- they do shimmering, psyched-out electric dream-folk, after all -- and when it came time for their scheduled session, they nearly had to cancel.

But then, Luke Paquin had an idea. The help staff at the group's swank downtown hotel looked pretty hip, so he asked if there were any musician in the house. There weren't, but the hotel had an acoustic guitar on the premises, and they let Tashaki haul it up to Midtown in time for their appointment. And we're glad they did, as Luke and singers Paige Stark and Dora Hiller turned in a breathtaking version of the 1958 chestnut 'All I Have to Do Is Dream,' made famous by the Everly Brothers.

Check out Tashaki Miyaki's performance below, and swing by their Facebook page to learn more.

Watch Tashaki Miyaki Perform 'All I Have to Do Is Dream'