As experimental rock duo Teach Me Equals get ready for the release of their next studio effort, 'Knives in the Hope Chest,' on Sept. 16, they are debuting the powerful and melodic tune, 'Coelacanth.' Diffuser is excited to team with the abstract artists to premiere the brand-new track in the player below.

"'Coelacanth' is our homage to the slim potential of experiencing the miraculous, the implausible, the Delphic even," multi-instrumentalist Greg Bortnichak tells us. "It is less of a spiritual rumination than a visceral one."

The visceral experience created by Bortnichak and partner-in-crime Erin Murphy is a single part of a much larger soundscape. "It is both a tender love song and a sonic depiction of the moment you realize that perhaps it is time to challenge your own reality, Bortnichak explains. "The song juxtaposes cryptozoology with intimate discovery."

That cryptozoology focuses around the title of the track; coelacanth is defined as an ancient "large, bony marine fish." The coelacanth was thought to be extinct until one was found in the late '30s -- much like the "intimate discovery" Bortnichak mentions.

The track begins with a dark rumbling, but with Murphy's beautiful vocals, the music transcends any preconceived notions or expectations by the listener. Teach Me Equals are currently on the road through Sept. 30. For their full tour schedule, visit their official website here.