Tears For Fears have released a video for “I Love You But I’m Lost,” their first new track in 13 years. It appears on their new best-of compilation Rule The World. Fans in the U.K. can watch it at YouTube, but those in the U.S. can check out the one-minute snippet that they uploaded to their Facebook page below.

“This song is about the haziness, the blurred lines within a relationship, the sense of having someone and losing someone in the same instant,” Roland Orzabal told NME, where the clip premiered. “Like putting your arms around that person only for them to instantly disappear into vapors – the idea or ideal of someone who is impossible to pin down or own.”

The band has received favorable notices from unexpected sources in recent months. While discussing new Foo Fighters album Concrete and Gold, frontman Dave Grohl revealed he “secretly fell in love with Tears for Fears” as a teenager. “That melancholic sense of melody really encapsulated that specific place and time in my life,” he added. “When you’re 13 years old, your nuts are dropping, your voice is changing, you’re breaking through puberty, so listening to Tears for Fears somehow soothes the burn.”

Elsewhere, Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly took the re-release of his movie to hail the band for their support in making sure their tracks “Head Over Heels” and “Mad World” helped give his cult movie a “pretty definitive” ‘80s sound. Tears for Fears’ upcoming touring schedule includes dates in the U.K. and Europe between April and May 2018.

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