Just last week, New York native Tecla dropped her debut album, but she's hardly green. The multi-talented artist is known across the five boroughs as a singer, MC, DJ, prodigal pianist, producer and songwriter. Proving that hard work really does pay off, she toured for years as a side musician before garnering the attention she deserves and landing a deal with the cult indie label Mayimba Music to release her full-length debut, 'We Are the Lucky Ones.'

From that album comes the Gordon Voidwell remix of 'Fake Tears,' a glitchy '80s throwback track built on the the full-bodied voice Tecla spent has her life fostering.

"The Gordon Voidwell remix of 'Fake Tears' feels like the culmination of two brother and sister artists who have been working together for what feels like forever," Tecla says. "While 'Fake Tears' has such a strong presence in instrumentation and song form, Gordon Voidwell managed to deconstruct the song into a new progressive sound, taking it out of its genre without stripping anything away. His sound is so distinct, as is mine, yet somehow, we managed to let both shine together in the same sonic space."

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