It's been a few months since indie-pop outfit Tennis put out their third album, Ritual in Repeat, but the husband and wife duo are showing no signs of stagnation: Last month, they shared "Easter Island," a characteristically lighthearted tune that was cut from their new album. Now they've premiered a new video for "Mean Streets." Check out the clip below.

The track first saw light on the band's 2013 EP, Small Sound, and will also appear on a deluxe edition of Ritual in Repeat set to hit shelves on May 12 via Communion. The video, directed by Keith Musil, features a cowboy, farm worker and white-suited prospector engaging in a late-night, spot-light illuminated dance-off.

The expanded edition of the record adds "Mean Streets," "100 Lovers" and "Easter Island," which the group shared earlier this month. Check out the tracklist of the deluxe re-issue below:

1. “Night Vision”
2. “Never Work For Free”
3. “Needle And A Knife”
4. “I’m Callin'”
5. “Bad Girls”
6. “Timothy”
7. “Viv Without The N”
8. “Wounded Heart”
9. “This Isn’t My Song”
10. “Solar On The Rise”
11. “Meter & Line”
12. “Mean Streets”
13. “100 Lovers”
14. “Easter Island”

Tennis – "Mean Streets" (Official Music Video)

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