Diffuser.fm recently sat down with Thao Nguyen — the singer and guitarist behind the alt-folk outfit Thao and the Get Down Stay Down — to discuss their latest studio release, ‘We the Common.’ Check out the interview below, as well as a captivating performance of the disc’s lead single, ‘Holy Roller.’

Originally from Virginia, now based in San Francisco, Nguyen discovered her passion for music at the ripe age of 12 and wrote songs to pass the time while working at her mother’s laundromat. Once a quartet, the group now consists solely of Nguyen and bassist/keyboardist Adam Thompson.

Nguyen describes their new album as having “a newfound energy and sense of humanity in the lyrics and a sort of vibrancy in the music.” She goes on to say that listeners will hear these transformations primarily “in the change in the songwriting and the difference in scope and narrative, and how the songs are, I hope, more outward-seeming.”

‘We the Common,’ which features a collaboration with neo-folk singer Joanna Newsom titled ‘Kindness Be Conceived,’ hit retailers back in February via Ribbon Music.

Thao and the Get Down Stay Down have shared the stage with the likes of Xiu Xiu and Rilo Kiley and are currently on tour in support of their new record. This fall, they hit the road with the Head and the Heart. Visit their official site for the full itinerary.

Watch an Interview With Thao Nguyen

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Watch Thao and the Get Down Stay Down Perform 'Holy Roller'

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