Limber up, indie fans. Maybe throw back a Red Bull, scarf a protein bar or consume whatever substance you use for sudden bursts of energy. (We're not judging.) The Bynars are about to make you dance for 12 minutes straight, and you'll need your stamina.

Previously known for hooky guitar-based indie-pop, the Boston band has admittedly gone electro on their forthcoming sophomore album, 'X vs. X.' The change is apparent on today's free MP3, which, sadly, is not an EDM reworking of Sheryl Crow's breakthrough hit. It is, however, a first-rate synth-pop thumper, and its sparkly pulse is sure to move crowds throughout 2013, as the group ventures beyond Beantown to support the record.

"'All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun Tonight" is definitely the most out-there song on our new album ... probably the most out-there thing we've ever done," Bynars singer Matt Jatkola tells "Which is why we thought it would make a good single! Radio stations love to play 12-minute jams, right?"

"With this new album, we got way more into programming and production than our previous releases," Jatkola adds. "Our number one concern is always that the song itself is good, but we decided to also take the songs as far as we could on the arrangement and production end. I think this song is a good example of how far we were able to take things!"

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