There is an authenticity that lacks in a lot of new music that emerges today. Trust us, it's out there -- it's just hard to find sometimes.

Enter the Cerny Brothers, an Americana rock band that is celebrating the release of their brand-new album, Sleeping Giantnext week. Today (May 5), Diffuser is proud to partner with the Cerny Brothers to unveil their latest track, "The Kid" -- take it for a spin in the audio player below.

While the Cerny Brothers began their musical journey as an acoustic-based folk act, as evident with "The Kid," they've evolved into a full-fledged rock band without losing any of their folk roots.

"This is a song about remembering who you are, how you grew up and what you were taught, and not losing sight of that in a different place with different people," frontman Robert Cerny tells us about "The Kid." "It's also about the strange notion of struggle, and that a lot of people don't like to confront it, especially in a professional sense."

He goes on, "I felt like as a band we were supposed to go to meetings with people who wanted to work with us, look nice and pretend that the journey that got us in that business meeting in the first place was easy. But it was hard. It all wraps up in the idea that I came from somewhere else, I'll never quite belong anywhere else, and I'm okay with owning the truth."

Sleeping Giant is scheduled to hit the streets on May 12 -- you can grab information on the new album at the Cerny Brothers' official website; word on the street is the band will be releasing new tour dates very soon, so stay tuned for more details!