If you remember the late '70s -- when punk rock was firmly planting its roots in the world of music -- you may remember the Clash's fateful New Year's Day gig in 1977 at England's Roxy Theatre. If not, that's OK too! Thanks to filmmaker Julien Temple, who captured the event, fans can watch the full 75-minute performance -- check it out below.

1977 was just around the time that the Roxy, after changing its name from Shaggarama, was becoming a mecca for punk rock, a genre of music that wasn't necessarily widely accepted or appreciated in the United Kingdom. During the performance, the Clash debuted their new drummer at the time, Rob Harper, as well as a brand new song titled 'I’m So Bored With the U.S.A.'

The video is a documentary of sorts as it encapsulates the year 1977 not only with the show, but with behind-the-scenes footage and lost media clips of Johnny Rotten, reggae, and punk-fueled riots.

Watch the Clash Play the Roxy Theatre on Jan. 1, 1977