It was 1980. The U.S. Hockey team had just pulled the biggest upset in Olympic history, Jimmy Carter was in office, and a little known band called the Cure were coming to the U.S. for the first time. Years later, the Cure are one of music's most enduring bands, having strung together a slew of modern rock hits along the way.

Robert Smith and Co. had to start somewhere, and that place was Cherry Hill, N.J. on April 10, 1980. The group made their first trip to the U.S. playing the Philadelphia suburb as the first stop on a six-night trek, and now audio footage has surfaced from the performance.

92.9 Dave FM reports that Melody Maker journalist Van Gosse recorded that evening's performance on cassette and recently unearthed the tape, and he was able to get the audio online. Recorded in two segments (because you had to turn over a cassette tape), the set featured a number of future favorites like 'Seventeen Seconds,' 'Boys Don't Cry,' 'A Forest' and 'Killing an Arab.' Take a listen to both streams and check out the track listing below.

Side A:

1. 'Seventeen Seconds'
2. 'Play for Today'
3. 'Three Imaginary Boys'
4. 'Fire in Cairo'
5. 'Grinding Halt'
6. 'In Your House'
7. 'Subway Song'
8. 'M'

Side B:

1. '10:15 Saturday Night'
2. 'Accuracy'
3. 'At Night'
4. 'Boys Don't Cry'
5. 'Jumping Someone Else's Train'
7. 'Another Journey by Train'
8. 'A Forest'
9. 'Secrets'
10. 'Killing an Arab'

Listen to the Cure's 1980 Cherry Hill, N.J. Concert