Summer is coming and if you want to speed up the time between now and then, crank the Drums' 'Days,' since the dreamy song is emblematic of a lazy summer afternoon. It's also representative of the band's airy, roomy, indie rock that's infused with lightness. But there's also depth here, which isn't always easy to achieve -- yet somehow, the Drums make it look easy.

'Days' reminds us of a movie soundtrack song, like music designer for a montage in an edgy film where there's an unrequited romance as a  key subplot. The song is also percussive, like the band's name, but it's not smashing you over the head. The rhythmic pulse serves a different purpose and is as immediate as your own heartbeat. That's also how intimate the song is.

When the band sings, "We're just wasting time" and "The days go by," you'll be transported to those long, hot, endless summer days where you were holding onto your youth and finding creative ways to fill and pass the time.

The song is like a teleporting method. It takes you somewhere else with its chill, intimate vibe. Like perhaps summer days -- which sooner or later will be upon us anyway. But why not go there right now? Ahhhh.

Listen to The Drums 'Days'