The Elephant in the Room argue ignorance is bliss on their latest single, ‘What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You,’ and they deliver an equally blissful sound to back up their message.

The new track — which is excited to share in an exclusive stream below — is the second single to emerge from the Garden State trio’s forthcoming album, ‘The Collective and the Individual,’ which lands Oct. 29. The Dear Hunter and the Receiving Ends of Sirens frontman Casey Crescenzo helped bring the new album to life as producer.

Consisting of singer-guitarists Alfred Vitale and Joseph Savino Jr., along with bassist Jared Duncan, the Elephant in the Room offer up a high-energy song that is packed with thrashing guitar and drums and poppy vocals and hooks. It’s a combination that will have you hitting replay after the initial listen.

Though the trio seems to be advocating ignorance as a form of bliss, it's actually exploring its darker consequences.

“Everyone has secrets. Some people take them to their graves. If a common man can be strong enough to do this, imagine what some of our leaders and top thinkers or scientists have kept hidden,” the band tells “Most people don’t care and don’t mind… like they say, ‘What you don’t know won’t hurt you.’"

“It’s also a song of guilt and judgment,” they add.