Juilliard Theater graduate Kat Auster and partner in crime Wilson Jaramillo, aka the Goodnight Darlings, have a red-hot new single ... 'Red Hot.'

More than just a band, the New York City duo is a sassy experiment in performance art, as they combine the theatrics and attitude of Madonna with hip-hop aggression and the aura of indie rock romance conjured by many a Brooklyn guy-girl duo.

TGD's new single is a call to arms for misshapen societal puzzle pieces -- the kids who might not be alright.

"'Red Hot' is a pep rally for our darling misfits," Auster tells Diffuser.fm. "If you're misunderstood, don't be afraid to 'Shove and shine to hit Gold.' Never give up ... It was so fun to throw a punk-rock parade for our video to 'Red Hot,' alongside our friends the Hungry March Band."

The Goodnight Darlings just returned from SXSW and are due to play the Bowery Electric in NYC on April 9. Keep up with them here.

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