For many of those who have already heard of the Japanese House -- the stage moniker for 19-year-old Amber Bain -- their introduction likely came from a lofty recommendation. Zane Lowe named the London-based electro-pop artist’s “Still” as his final “Hottest Record” before departing BBC Radio 1 for Apple Music. Since then, Bain’s work has been cloaked in a certain amount of mystery and strategically crafted anonymity, but she’s slowly but surely peeling back the mask.

On Nov. 6, Bain will release her second EP to date, Clean, via Dirty Hit. The four-song effort encompasses the title track, which can be heard up above, along with “Cool Blue,” “Letter By the Water” and “Sugar Pill.” You can pre-order it now on 12” ice-blue vinyl, which comes with a complimentary MP3 download, right here. You can also grab it at iTunes. That’s the cover art at the bottom of the page.

Bain recently opened up about her enigmatic approach to releasing music. “At first, I thought it was important to make it just about music,” she told D.I.Y. Magazine. “It wasn’t obvious if I was a girl or a boy, because I had an androgynous voice.”

“But I didn’t want the mystery to become bigger than the music,” Bain continued, “I’m not wearing a balaclava, and I’m not Daft Punk.”

The Clean EP follows Bain’s debut Pools to Bathe In EP, which landed earlier this year and was produced by labelmates the 1975. So far, Bain only has tour dates in her hometown of London, plus a handful of stops in Australia. Find more details at her website.

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