Surprise! The National have returned with their first new track since the release of 2013's Trouble Will Find Me. "Sunshine on My Back" is now available for purchase on iTunes and is streaming on Spotify -- you can also take the song for a spin above.

In October 2014, bassist Scott Devendorf spoke about the songwriting process of their upcoming seventh album -- which currently doesn't have an announced title or release date -- saying the group wants to create "a longer period for the songs to gestate and grow."

"Early next year we may get down to stuff properly," he explained. "We all have other projects we want to work on, and it's a logistical nightmare sometimes, but we want it to happen as soon as it can happen. Maybe October ... we have no hardened plan for when the next record will come out though. Every three years is our aim.

Devendorf also talked about doing more writing as a band — the majority of Trouble Will Find Me was written and composed by only Matt Berninger and Aaron Dessner.

"There's definitely a desire to," Devendorf said. "We tend to write in isolation and come together to fit bits together. We should harness the time we've spent playing together as a band. We did this a little bit on Trouble Will Find Me, just playing together as a band versus recording in isolation and adding and stripping away."