The blue are alive and well, just ask Fynn Grabke and Philipp Mirtschink of the Picturebooks. As they prepare for the release of their latest studio album, 'Imaginary Horse,' on Oct. 7, we've teamed up with the gritty duo to premiere the official music video for 'PCH Diamond.' Check it out in the video above.

"'PCH Diamond' was written while spending a lot of time with our friends in Orange County,' Grabke tells us. 'PCH was always the connecting line between the various cities, skate spots and motorcycle garages we visited and hung out at."

If you can't tell from the song itself, the video makes it crystal clear that the Picturebooks don't just sing their experiences, they live them. They build motorcycles, they skate -- in fact, Fynn is the son of Claus Grabke, a prominent German skateboarder from the '80s scene. It only makes sense that they share the spotlight with other like-minded individuals.

"Naturally, we put our friends, the Cycle Zombies, in the video," Grabke explains. The Cycle Zombies are a family composed of people who live the lifestyle of "surfing, skateboarding, building and riding motorcycles." In other words, a perfect fit for the Picturebooks.

And because their sound emanates from greasy, gritty garages, what better place to film 'PCH Diamond' than at Hollywood's Glory Garage.

'Imaginary Horse' drops on Oct. 7; get the latest on the Picturebooks at their official website here, and make sure to catch them on the road throughout September (including appearances at Riot Fest in Chicago and Denver).

The Picturebooks September Tour Dates
Sept. 10: St. Louis, Mo. -- Halo Bar
Sept. 11: Marshall, Mich. -- Dark Horse Brewing Co
Sept. 12: Detroit, Mich. -- The Shelter
Sept. 13: Chicago, Ill. -- Riot Fest
Sept. 14: Ames, Iowa -- DG's Tap House
Sept. 15: Mpls, Minn. -- Nether Bar (Mill City)
Sept. 16: Lincoln, Neb. -- Duffy's Tavern
Sept. 17: Kansas City, Mo. -- Czar Bar
Sept. 18: Lawrence, Kan. -- Replay Lounge
Sept. 19: Wichita, Kan. -- Rock Island Live
Sept. 21: Denver, Colo. -- Riot Fest
Sept. 23: Boise, Idaho -- Crazy Horse
Sept. 28: San Francisco, Calif. -- Brick & Mortar
Sept. 29: Los Angeles, Calif. -- Bootleg Bar
Sept. 30: San Diego, Calif. -- The Tower Bar