The Temper Trap recently unveiled the music video for their latest single, 'Trembling Hands,' which is taken from their forthcoming self-titled release.

The video takes place in a small town, where a group of performers are rehearsing for a circus event. A female trapeze performer receives the majority of the attention from the camera. She is apparently struggling with a specific trick and becomes frustrated despite her partner's encouragement. Vocalist Dougy Mandagi is shown singing in the background through all this, following our heroine like a guardian angel.

Eventually, our star is sitting at the bar alone when her circus family approaches and brightens the mood. Everyone is laughing and dancing while Mandagi smiles from across the room. The trapeze performer finally makes it to the big night and successfully pulls off her routine.

'Trembling Hands' is the second single from 'The Temper Trap,' which was released on June 5 through Glassnote Records. It's the follow-up to their successful 2009 debut, 'Conditions,' which featured their breakout single 'Sweet Disposition.'

Mandagi says 'Trembling Hands' sounds like something from a very famous U.K. band. "I always thought it had a Coldplay tinge to it,'' Mandagi told the Daily Telegraph. "Coldplay/Snow Patrol. Which is not a bad thing. People always talk about Coldplay like they were the first to come out with emotion in music and before that musicians were just walking around cold."

Watch the Temper Trap 'Trembling Hands' Video