You just have to listen to The Trophy Fire once to know how talented vocalist/guitarist Ben Flanagan is. It’s no surprise he’s also a sought-after musician for other projects including Psychic Babble, a band which also features Colin Frangicetto of Circa Survive, and Dredg, where Flanagan lends his guitar skills whenever the space-rock machine goes on tour.

But let’s get back to The Trophy Fire.

Based in San Francisco, the power trio (also featuring the brother combo of drummer John and bassist Adam Schuman) released their third album, ‘Directions for Daylight,’ this past summer. The Trophy Fire’s sound is big on guitars and vocal hooks, and is psyched to bring you the exclusive video premiere for ‘Kids,’ a track from the ‘Directions for Daylight’ album.

“The video represents losing ourselves in our youth. In the video you see a bunch of adults playing a game; a sort of dodgeball/capture the flag game with colored powder,” says Flanagan of the Paul Aspuria directed video. “We wanted to show the recklessness many of us once had. It’s a recklessness a lot of us yearn for but can be so hard to obtain in our adulthood.”

‘Directions for Daylight’ is out now on Greyday Records and available on iTunes. Look for Flanagan on tour starting this week to mid-Dec playing guitar in Psychic Babble.