Individually speaking, John Shannon, MJ Lambert and Ben Geis are each master musicians who are constantly sought-after in the studio and on-the-road with some of the world's biggest artists. Together, though, they've formed theSHIFT, a powerful rock trio with a singular goal in mind: be undeniably and defiantly authentic.

That authenticity rings loud and true throughout theSHIFT's debut LP, 7th Directionset to hit storeshelves on April 14. Today (March 26), Diffuser is beyond thrilled to debut the band's latest track, "Control" -- you can take it for a spin in the audio player below.

In addition to the premiere of "Control," we're excited to chat with frontman John Shannon about the band and the new record; check out our exclusive conversation:

As described, the three members in theSHIFT are “highly sought-after musicians.” You’ve recorded and toured around the world with internationally-acclaimed musicians; why form this trio now?

Though it’s rewarding to make a living playing, touring and recording other people’s music, it’s just not fulfilling enough when you have a vision to create something from yourself. Artists are the people of the world who still follow visions and keep that balance in society. It’s not about who we play or record with anymore. It’s about being fully expressed and authentic with what we hear and breaking new ground energetically.

How hard has it been making theSHIFT your primary focus, even when people are clamoring to get you into the studio?

On one hand it’s never easy to turn down work but in terms of the music, it’s an easy decision. We want to be on the road connecting with our fans.

And you're in the middle of a national tour with theSHIFT. What can fans expect?

A high-octane cosmic music experience. We give it all on stage and are completely committed to what we do. Rock and roll is our avenue because it’s high energy music and that's what we use to “shift,” so to speak -- high energy.

Is it tough stepping from the role as “studio musician” to being a permanent part of your own band that you created?

No, it’s easy for us. I’ve led my own bands before. Plus, in New York you juggle different roles so it’s just kind of like stepping into another one, which as I said before in this case is more rewarding for musicians like us who want to develop our own solar system of creation.

When Loudwire premiered “Kobra,” you said that it represents “reality-questioning lyrics ... written to challenge reality in general.” Why do you feel reality should be challenged?

Our band is called theSHIFT. It’s about a shift in consciousness. We believe it’s not healthy to have a static view of the world. It’s important to shift and continue shifting what your relationship to reality is. A static view of reality leads to sickness and stunted growth as a human being.

What was the writing process like for 7th Direction?

For this batch of songs, I brought in initial ideas and lyrics and then we collaborated together to find the best form, parts and tweaks for the songs.

Were there any significant obstacles you had to overcome with this album?

There were no real obstacles. We were prepared, so it went smooth and easy. One difference from recording 7th Direction and other studio work would be the energy. We are more connected to where this music is going than a regular session that ends when it ends. It’s a different relationship to what we are playing. Technically, the studio is the studio.

Will there be a follow-up to 7th Direction, or have you not even started thinking of that yet?

Yes, there will be a full album follow-up for sure. There are some songs taking shape already. But our main focus right now is getting these songs out into the world and finding our fans. We need them. They complete this circle and vision!

Listen to theSHIFT's Brand New Song, "Control"