Happy New Year! Actually, there's a good chance that you're not very happy with the new year so far, assuming you're one of millions affected by our national hangover day. But it's okay. Death Cab for Cutie have a nice, soothing rock tune to help you acclimate to our next spin around the sun.

'The New Year,' the opener of Death Cab's 2003 breakthrough 'Trasatlanticism,' is a semi-sappy love song sung to everyone at the party -- an ode to that spark of sentiment that lights up in all but the most cynical of us when the countdown begins and you're thinking about what's next. As is often the case with Death Cab, they manage to pull off this sickly-sweet song with great delivery and execution during a stop by the Craig Kilborn-hosted 'Late Late Show' in 2004. As Kilborn notes, it was the band's network TV debut.

As for your hangover, we recommend a big breakfast with lots of gravy and potatoes and all the breakfast meat you can handle. Then you'll want to find the nearest couch or bed with a TV in close proximity and plant yourself there for the remainder of the day. While you're at it, check out our playlist of songs that may help soothe your pain.

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