If you're a regular visitor here at Diffuser, you might have picked up on our general fondness for alternative pioneers Hüsker Dü. Our fondness is based on one simple fact: Hüsker Dü were effin' amazing. This Minneapolis trio carved a giant trench into the music scene that has now become a long, powerful river of all sorts of music flowing across the sonic landscape.

In the video above, the band stops by The Late Show with Joan Rivers in 1987. This marked a turning point for them as they made the transition from being a small indie band to having a go at big time stardom – and Joan Rivers was possibly the best person to help introduce the trio to the masses since she was such a large part of popular culture herself.

After performing "Could You Be the One?", the fellows sat down to discuss their move into the mainstream. Rivers asked about their roles in the band: who was the calming influence and who was wild? Frontman Bob Mould claimed to be the calm member of the group and bassist Greg Norton said he was somewhere in between. Drummer Grant Hart half-heartedly accepted the role of the wild one. (That, however, was already apparent from the tie-dye shirt he's wearing.)

After their short conversation, Hüsker Dü took to the stage again to perform "She's a Woman (and Now He Is a Man)." Happy Thursday.

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