Neo-classic rock mavens Queens of the Stone Age have been rising to stardom ever since the monolithic album 'Songs for the Deaf' brought them mainstream recognition. But they were chugging along before then and enjoyed some small amount of success with their second album, 'Rated R.'

Today's Throwback Thursday features Queens of the Stone Age on the show 'Later ... With Jools Holland' playing the lead single from 'Rated R,' 'The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret.' This song was the entry point for many QotSA fans, and there's a reason why: The song is both heavy and catchy with falsetto lyrics that dare you to sing along like a fool while you're driving home from work. Check out the performance above.

'Rated R' also marked the band's first experience with slick, radio-friendly production. Their first self-titled album was comprised of a much more ragged sound, featuring sparse instrumentation and fuzzed guitars that would probably alienate less adventurous music fans. But 'Rated R' marked the first step in the band's maturing process, and paved the way for 'Songs for the Deaf.'

If you're a QotSA fan but haven't given 'Rated R' a listen, check out the video below for the second single from the album, 'Monster In the Parasol.' And listen for the unsettling line "I seen some things I thought I never saw, covered in hair."