The ubiquitous Jack White hasn't slacked off since, well, ever, that we can recall. Many of you will remember back in 2005, when he formed what was at the time his second band, the Raconteurs. It was the first time the public at large got to hear White work with a full, traditional rock band and it was a thing of beauty – as apparent in their performance from the BBC's Electric Proms in 2006 (video above).

White is one of those musicians who works wonders in the recording studio, but also works completely different wonders on stage. Case in point, today's video, which is a live version of "Store Bought Bones," from the Raconteur's first album, Broken Boy Soldiers.

The album version of this song is great. It's full of energy and lots of guitars and is pretty catchy, to boot. But when they performed it live, the song became a different thing altogether. They start out slow and quiet, then build the whole thing up into a gnarly beast of a rock song.

The Raconteurs released two albums, and we haven't heard much from them since, aside from a short performance back in January. Considering how busy Jack White's been with his solo work, and now with his other other band, the Dead Weather, who just announced a new album in the works, there's no telling when or if we'll get a third. We can hope, though.

And if you happen to have somehow missed Jack White's indie supergroup, do yourself a favor and watch the video for their single, "Level."

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