Jack White had a pretty tremendous 2012, releasing his first solo album, 'Blunderbuss,' and touring with two new bands -- one all-male, one all-female. Over the past decade, he's kept busy with the White Stripes (who broke up in 2011), the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather. We've rounded up our 10 favorite Jack White videos from his ever-growing catalog.

  • The Dead Weather, 'Die by the Drop'

    White wears many different hats, literally, and royally freaks out in this shaky-cam video from the Dead Weather's second album.

  • The White Stripes, 'Fell in Love With a Girl'

    Everything's better as Legos: 'Star Wars' characters, firetrucks, pizza parlors -- even the White Stripes, who turn into primary-colored blocks in this breakthrough video.

  • The White Stripes, 'The Hardest Button to Button'

    Jack and Meg White keep on multiplying in this time-warping video, one of their best, taken from their terrific 2003 album 'Elephant.'

  • The White Stripes, 'Icky Thump'

    We're not really sure what's going on in this south-of-the-border video for the title track of the Stripes' final album, but we dig it all the same.

  • Jack White, 'I'm Shakin''

    White's cover of Little Willie John's great soul song is all distorted rawness. The cool video features a pair of White-led bands facing off against one another.

  • Jack White, 'Love Interruption'

    The video for 'Blunderbuss'' excellent first single doesn't do anything too fancy. The laid-back, smoky vibe perfectly reflects the slinky R&B-inflected number.

  • The White Stripes, 'Seven Nation Army'

    White's greatest guitar riff, and one of his band's most defining songs, comes with a mind-melting video that plays like an endless parade of Jacks and Megs.

  • The Raconteurs, 'Steady, As She Goes'

    White's side project with a few old Detroit pals has yielded two albums and one great single. Its artsy video is blurry, DIY rock 'n' roll with a side of power pop.

  • The Dead Weather, 'Treat Me Like Your Mother'

    White plays drums in his other side project. In this bloody video, he and the Dead Weather's singer, the Kills' Alison Mosshart, take shots at each other with automatic weapons.

  • The White Stripes, 'You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told)'

    Jack and Meg, in one of their final videos, kick around like old friends in this video that combines home movies and some front-porch rockin'.

  • BONUS - You Think You Know Jack White?

    How much do you really know about Jack White? Test your knowledge with this video montage of obscure facts about the iconic rocker.

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