Music lovers, egg throwers, party-right fighters, interspace monsters, hip-hop heads, punk rock kids, and listeners of vinyl, cassettes, CDs, MP3s and MP4s suffered a massive loss when Beastie Boys rapper Adam Yauch -- aka MCA (he got a beard like a billy goat) -- passed away today (May 4) at the age of 47. When he wasn't dropping English, Yauch was also directing some of the sickest videos in the history of the form, under the ridiculous pseudonym Nathanial Hörnblowér. We got our five faves below.


5. 'Shadrach' - This abstract expressionist animation monster blew us away when were younger. It's absolutely hypnotic, the way crowd cheers -- and a quick Biz Markie shout -- give way to images of a city, a park, and those three fire-spitting emcess, including that gravel-voiced MCA.


4. 'Sabotage' OK, OK, you've got us ... so Yauch didn't actually direct this. But does it get any better? In what may be the most awesome video to ever be recorded, MCA and the gang play a crew of hard-boiled detectives roughing up suspects, running up and down sidewalks, cruising in patrol cars and smashing into all sorts of things. The only thing more fun than starring in this vid must have been playing the song. MCA is both Stewart Wallace (guest star, playing himself) and Cochese. Yes, it was directed by Spike Jonze, but really, we had to include it.


3. 'Intergalactic' - Oh man, this has got to be one of the most over-the-top ridiculous fantastic videos ever, and showcases what the Beasties are capable of with a bit of a budget. Mad scientists! Evil robots! Destroyed cities! Is that Godzilla?! Thankfully, the Boys are around to save the day. And dance in some really awesome sci-fi construction suits. They got mad moves, yo.


2. 'So What'cha Want' - This old-school 1992 jam kills it with its simplicity. You've got three New York dudes in a forest gesturing and bouncing around a camera with the colors all sorts of strange. This is one of the earliest examples of Hörnblowér's genius, and endures as a "beatdown cam" hip hop classic. Love Yauch's plaid.


1. 'A Day In The Life of Nathaniel Hornblower' - Professional weirdo David Cross stars as Nathaniel Hornblower, a red-headed, crap-German-accented jabbering at the camera on what looks like a cool Brooklyn morning. He's smoking a pipe. He's playing chess -- by his own rules. He's doing calisthenics. But if he's German, then why is he dressed like a leprechaun? And why is he playing chess against a dog? The answer is this: there is no answer.