Music consumers and fans have plenty of choices when it comes to streaming and digital services. The market is rather crowded with options like iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, Slacker and Grooveshark, and now, Trent Reznor is getting in on the digital music fun. As was previously reported, he's partnered with rapper and producer Dr. Dre, the brains behind the massively successful Beats by Dre headphones line, and now comes word their new streaming service will launch this summer.

The news was announced by Interscope chief Jimmy Iovine, who has a long history with Reznor, since the artist was signed to that label for good chunk of his career as Nine Inch Nails.

The new service will be called "Beats" and focus on "hand-curated lists" in order to differentiate itself from the horde of competitors it will be going up against. However, having names like Dre and Reznor associated with it should certainly help to up the "sexy" factor of this particular service.

Reznor, who you'd think would be busy penning Oscar-winning movie scores and writing songs for his How to Destroy Angels side project, is said to be overseeing some of the work being done.

Employees are currently sifting through music and creating playlists in a "math with emotion" fashion, which is another way Beats aims to separate itself from the pack. It seeks to bridge the gap between the human and the machine in terms of finding music.