Today (Oct. 6), indie rock luminaries Meredith Garbus' Tune-Yards released a brand new music video for their song 'Real Thing' off of their latest album, 'Nikki Nack.' It's as kooky as you'd expect -- check it out above.

In the video, life-size dolls are building and packing away other dolls in a factory -- all the while the typical Tune-Yards trippy, colorful imagery appears from take to take. According to Garbus, the video, which was directed by Tom Jobbins, depicts “the sometimes heavy lyrics of 'Real Thing' in a Charlie Chaplin-like, humorous idea of me being a box of body parts in a factory.”

The band has also confirmed a bunch of upcoming tour dates in support of the new album. You can get details on their tour and the new album here.

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