You might not be familiar with Twin Berlin, but the young Connecticut band has already worked with some heavy hitters. They have an EP produced by Travis Barker, and the trio has also collaborated on an art project with Mikey Welsh of Weezer and recorded with the Band’s Garth Hudson.

With a sound featuring a mix of dirty and jangly guitars, plus mile-wide vocal hooks, Twin Berlin is gearing up for the Feb. 28 release of ‘Sleazebrain,’ their debut album. has teamed up with the band to bring you the exclusive premiere of ‘Buzzkill,’ the album’s first single.

“’Buzzkill’ is about a freak accident that happened when I was 19 landing me in the hospital for a while,” says singer and guitarist Matt Lopez. “When I was trying to sort out the melody, the first take I sang was the opening line ‘Wanna get it over / cough up mucus phlegm.’ Right away, I knew what the song was going to be about, and it was something that I hadn’t really allowed myself to think about in a few years. Once I had the words “mucus phlegm” I knew I wanted tuned-down heavy guitars, loud drums, and noise-strangling leads. It’s not a fast riff, but I think the energy pulsates and drives the song."