As Tyler Hilton continues to celebrate the release of his latest full-length, Indian SummerDiffuser is beyond excited to partner with him for the premiere of the in-studio video for "This Is Where My Heart Breaks" -- you can check it out above.

In addition to the new video, we had the distinct privilege to sit down and chat with Hilton about the song, new album and what it's like being involved in every aspect of this album release. Check out our exclusive conversation below, and make sure to stay up-to-date with everything happening in Hilton's world at his official website.

Why did you decide to be so involve in every aspect of Indian Summer?

I had ideas that were easier to just try than explain to someone. Also, my schedule is hectic sometimes and it was nice working on this album on my time as opposed to waiting for a producer's schedule to align with mine.

Now that the album has been out for a few months, have you already started working on its follow-up?

I have ideas, sketches and demos but I haven't thought too much about what to do with them yet. I've been busy filming season two of Extant which we wrap up the day it premieres, which is July 1. I'll probably start thinking about bringing some more music into focus after that.

What's the story behind "This Is Where My Heart Breaks"?

I've been doing lots of different kinds of writing in between writing music. Script ideas, articles for magazines a book ... nothing concrete, but this song seemed to come from all of that. It's a very macro way of looking at a moment in my life, almost like a movie. This is where you do this, this is where I do that, then this is where my heart breaks. There was something even sadder to me about deconstructing that moment to its individual parts.

I love seeing videos of artists in the studio, but do you ever worry about showing fans too much behind-the-scenes action?

All the time. That's my struggle in my personal and professional life, deciding how much to reveal. But after years of being pretty closed off, I'm finding the scarier option, revealing, more interesting. There's nothing to hide behind. No idea, just what is ... for everyone else as well as myself to see.

What's 2015 have in store for you?

I've had the best winter and spring filming Extant. The people and episodes and ideas have my head spinning with excitement -- it airs July 1 on CBS. My character builds [artificially intelligent] robots and everything I've dealt with this season about how to build a human and what makes a human what it is has been so educational. Especially with all the technical talk I have to get through, I feel like I've been in college all year.

You can pick up Tyler Hilton's latest LP, Indian Summer, here, and make sure to check out his full discography at this location.