Despite the rocky free release of U2’s 2014 full-length Songs of Innocence, the Irish rockers haven’t been dissuaded from moving forward with a follow-up companion album. In fact, they have roughly “50 ideas” ready for their next outing.

“There’s actually 50 pieces of music that I’ve put time into,” the Edge told Rolling Stone. “Some of them have not been arranged or performed by the band, but there’s 50 ideas, and probably about 20 that we’re actually really excited about. So we’ve got some ways to narrow it down, but we’re in good shape.”

The Edge even previewed one of those new songs -- which he admits may or may not make the final album -- in a promo for his brand-new, custom guitar for Fender. You can hear it by skipping ahead to the 4:25 mark in the video at the top of the page.

While the Edge is currently in the process of “laying down a couple of guitar tracks,” the band is still in the very early stages of recording. “It’s really hard to say at this point when it will be done,” the guitarist said. “We’re definitely still in the weeds here. We’re not booking the pressing plant, so to speak, just yet.”

While the album may still be a ways off, the Edge confirms it will serve as a companion piece to Songs of Innocence tentatively titled Songs of Experience. “We always envisaged that it would be a two-record set,” he said.

U2 also plan to announce a new leg of their Innocence + Experience tour “fairly soon.”

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