Somewhere in Europe, a plane's cargo door is lonely. This sad cargo door fell off the private Learjet flying U2 singer and free-album-apologist Bono to Germany yesterday (Nov.12).

While specific details of what happened aren't available yet, Germout Freitag, an official with the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation, told ABC News, "There can be many reasons for this incident. Either something broke on the door or the door wasn't closed properly. Those are the usual problems that occur."

The plane landed in Berlin with all souls aboard and intact, though two suitcases (and that cargo door) weren't so lucky. Bono was traveling to meet with his bandmates and attend the Bambi Awards ( Think our Emmys, but with film and fashion tossed in for good measure -- also, it's German).

Bono also met with Germany's special representative on Ebola:

The whereabouts of the cargo door and the two suitcases are still unknown, though officials believe they know the area where these items most likely landed.

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