Justice has been served for U2 bassist Adam Clayton, as the person he trusted his finances with for years will spend time in prison for stealing millions of dollars from him.

Last week, former Clayton aide Carol Hawkins was found guilty of embezzling over $3.6 million at the Dublin Criminal Court in Ireland. Records showed that she spent $550,000 to purchase 22 race horses, a $24,420 plane ticket to fly her husband into Miami and more outrageous spending. According to Spinner, Hawkins did not give a statement after being sentenced to seven years in prison.

Judge Patrick McCartan showed no sympathy while giving his ruling to Hawkins.

"Nothing, frankly, could explain away the scale of this dishonesty other than the greed in pursuit of a lavish lifestyle that was no responsibility of Mr. Clayton's," McCartan stated. "These were crimes rooted in greed and nothing else. Whether she was a fool or clever person really matters very little."

The judge also ordered Hawkins to give up the money she made selling a New York City apartment and hand it to Clayton to help reimburse his losses. According to her defense attorney, Ken Fogarty, Hawkins has no financial assets stashed away somewhere but would do her best to repay the $2.8 million she owes.

Clayton and Hawkins met back in 1992 at a hotel she and her husband were running. The U2 member offered her a job as a maid and cook before allowing her access to his bank account to pay bills relating to his home in south Dublin. Clayton was not present to see Hawkins' sentencing.