For the past few weeks, we've celebrating the 30th anniversary of U2's landmark 1987 album The Joshua Tree, bringing you inside the creation its 10 songs. You can find links to all of those stories below.

You'll read about how an innovative guitar created the sounds that helped propel "With or Without You" become their first No. 1 single and how their immersion into gospel and blues informed "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and "Trip Through Your Wires." But creating the music wasn't so easy, as our piece on "Where the Streets Have No Name" illustrates.

The record's lyrics, which touched on global, national and personal themes, are explored in depth. There are stories about U.S. involvement in Central America ("Bullet the Blue Sky"), the effect of the British miners' strike on personal relationships ("Red Hill Mining Town"), the dangers of heroin addiction ("Running to Stand Still") and a look into the mindset of a killer ("Exit").

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