Yesterday (June 14), Dallas Schoo -- the guitar tech for U2’s the Edge -- spoke to the Bozeman, Mont.-based AM 1450 KMMS about the Irish rockers’ ongoing Innocence and Experience tour in support of last year’s Songs of Innocence as well as the band’s work on a follow-up to the 2014 full-length.

“[The Edge] and Bono are writing and they’re trying on another young producer who’s really on his game,” Schoo said during the interview with KMMS morning man Chris Griffin, which you can listen to in full in the video above. “This stuff is more rock and serious, if I may, than the … Songs of Innocence album.”

And while he couldn’t estimate as to a timeline for the forthcoming album, Schoo noted that neither musicians are ones to “sit around” -- despite being in the midst of a massive arena tour consisting of two- and four-night residencies in 19 cities.

Despite the scale of the Innocence and Experience tour, Schoo says U2 still manage to create an intimate environment for concertgoers.

“They’re trying to make it more personal,” Schoo said. “There’s this little stage out there where they play almost seven songs, and the objective is to reach out and make it like a little club.”

Schoo isn’t the only one to vouch for U2’s tour. Noel Gallagher recently caught Bono and company’s San Jose concert and said, “It starts off as a punk rock gig but then it gets intimate, there’s a lot of truth in it about where they come from and the people that they are.”

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