The track listing and cover art for U2's upcoming album Songs of Experience has reportedly been revealed.

The band fan site @U2 has posted what it claims is the track listing and cover art for the group's upcoming 14th album, which is scheduled for release on Dec. 1. You can see the full cover art for the album above and the alleged track listing below.

The fan site got the information from the deluxe vinyl edition of the album.

The band has been revealing titles of the album's songs over the past few weeks, with songs like "The Blackout" and "You're the Best Thing About Me" already released. The track listing, which hasn't been confirmed by the band, reflects many of the songs mentioned by Bono and others during recent interviews.

According to @U2, the deluxe edition of Songs of Experience will include three bonus tracks not found on the standard edition of the album: “Ordinary Love (Extraordinary Mix),” “Book of Your Heart” and “Lights of Home (St Peter’s String Version).”

Songs of Experience was originally planned as a quick follow-up to 2014's Songs of Innocence, which was met with backlash after U2 dropped the album into the iTunes accounts of unsuspecting listeners. But the project took a different turn over the past three years, with band members now saying the album was restructured to reflect Bono's unspecified health issues since 2014.

U2, 'Songs of Experience' Track Listing
"Love Is All We Have Left"
"Lights of Home"
"You're the Best Thing About Me"
"Get Out of Your Own Way"
"American Soul"
"Summer of Love"
"Red Flag Day"
"The Showman (Little More Better)"
"The Little Things That Give You Away"
"The Blackout"
"Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way"
"(There Is a Light) Lanzamiento"

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