Need a new band to love? Look no further than Seattle garage rockers Ubu Roi. Their EP 'Nice Dude' is a collection of modern punk so good, it's like biting into a hot double-cheese slice of pizza that's about to destroy your mouth, and it's premiering today on Diffuser (stream it below).

The album starts with 'CHEEZBURGER,' a full-assault rager that establishes Ubu Roi's love for alcohol while showing off their ability to play late-'70s metal. It's fun, it's dumb and you're gonna love it.

"This is it, man. Four circumstantial friends having fun and busting out riffs and songs about cheeseburgers, f---ing Colin and being bad at surfing," the band tells Diffuser.

"Ubu Roi started a couple years ago when we all met in college," the fellas add. "We could barely play our instruments then, and we sucked. We can play our instruments now, which is very tight. We didn't know how to get shows back then, so we threw parties and played and people dug it because it was loud and fast and they were drunk. From there, we got more shows and started playing more and more, and now we've had the opportunity to play with some of our favorite bands like the Shrine, OBN IIIs and a ton more."

A strong DIY mentality certainly shows in their music, which has enough tape compression to squash a bug. 'BADAT SURFING' brings out the best in Ubu Roi, oscillating between a shredhead bassline and the craziest punk arpeggio west of the Mississippi.

"We're also super fortunate to live in Seattle, which has a killer music community and is home to some of the best bands around like Big Eyes, Monogamy Party and So Pitted," the band tells Diffuser. "Since we started, we've release a demo tape and another online demo, but this is our first proper release. We recorded this last December in Oakland to quarter-inch tape and are stoked to share it with the world. Shouts out to Help Yourself Records for pressing the 7-inch! Hunker down, crank it up, and have a nice dude."

Stream the whole EP below, and grab it on vinyl (right here) via Help Yourself Records.

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