Hailing from New York, Una Lux -- a mountainous electropop quartet -- have already released two songs that perfectly capture their cinematic prowess, 'Simon' and 'Black Carbon.' Today (Jan. 8), Diffuser has partnered with Una Lux to premiere the band's third and most powerful single yet in the form of an engrossing short movie -- watch 'Somewhere' in the video above.

There is a gritty authenticity to Una Lux's sound, and that sentiment is on display throughout 'Somewhere' as singer Kelso Norris takes a genuine trip through New York City.

"We wanted to create visuals that fit the vibe of the song and at the same time tell a surreal, film-like story," Norris' bandmate, Matteo Liberatore, tells us. "New York City seemed to be the perfect location to do this."

As for the song itself, Norris explains, "'Somewhere' is about the dangers of clinging too tightly to the past and how that can warp our perception of the present."

If this is your first introduction to Una Lux, we're excited to share their previous releases below; first 'Simon,' followed by 'Black Carbon':

While Una Lux don't have any shows scheduled for 2015 yet, you can stay updated with everything happening in their world -- at their official website here.