Last year, Veruca Salt returned with Ghost Notes, their first album in nine years and the first with the band’s original lineup in the nearly 20 years that have passed since Eight Arms to Hold You. Therefore, it’s safe to say the ‘90s alt-rockers know a thing or two about long-distance relationships. In fact, the band's latest full-length tackles that theme head-on, and now, their new video for “Eyes on You” does the same.

The Steven Soria-directed clip finds Louise Post, Nina Gordon, Jim Shapiro and Steve Lack each playing the crunchy Ghost Notes track, but they’re separated by TV screens, forced to watch one another from a distance. Check it out above.

“We think of this song as a forensic study of the end of a friendship – searching for the exact moment where something went terribly wrong,” Gordon told Noisey. “We might have done a ‘CSI’-type video instead, or Quincy or something. But one thing we really wanted to get at was the isolation you can feel when analyzing a breakup, so we figured that maybe having us stuck there watching each other on TV screens for all eternity would do the trick.”