To prep fans for the forthcoming deluxe 3-CD/DVD reissue of their debut album A Storm in Heaven, the Verve have premiered one of the expanded set's bonus tracks — a song that's stayed in the vaults for more than 20 years.

Titled "Shoeshine Girl," the song premiered at NME, who report that it's "remained unheard for the past 23 years" after being tracked during the sessions for A Storm in Heaven in 1993. One of two previously unreleased tracks on the new set, "Girl" rounds out an array of bonus material that includes posters and postcards, new interviews, B-sides, non-album cuts, and BBC studio sessions, as well as a DVD that bundles up footage from a 1992 concert along with music videos and assorted behind-the-scenes band clips.

Due Sept. 16 and available for pre-order now, the Storm in Heaven reissue is scheduled to arrive alongside a similarly expanded version of the group's second album, 1995's A Northern Soul. Although the Northern Soul reissue doesn't include a DVD, it also adds a pair of discs to the original track listing, including seven previously unreleased recordings and a slew of B-sides, live performances, and non-album tracks.

The band, famously at the center of a colossally expensive lawsuit over a Rolling Stones sample that cost them their royalties from their biggest hit, 1997's "Bitter Sweet Symphony," split in 1999, only to reunite for a new album and tours in 2007. They split again after releasing 2008's Forth amid rumors of discord; frontman Richard Ashcroft reportedly did not take part in the new interviews conducted for the reissues.

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