Remember how you felt watching 'The Sixth Sense' for the first time? Provided no one had spoiled the ending for you, you probably had your mind blown. Wouldn't it be great if you could go back and somehow re-experience that feeling of surprise that comes with the startling discovery toward the end of the film? Well, you can't, but the following list of 10 Music Videos With Surprise Endings offers the next best thing. These musical vignettes will surprise, shock and confuse you, all while showcasing some rather excellent songs.

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    Dinosaur Pile Up


    Directed by Remy Cayuela (2013)

    Wow, who knew that former U.K. 'X Factor' contestant Diana Vickers could pull off playing the leading lady in a part Hitchcockian, part Tarantinoian plot? At first, we feel sympathetic towards her, since she appears to be held captive by a strange man who has abducted her. Then she fights back and stabs him to death while he’s in the shower at a hotel (à la 'Psycho') and manages to escape. But then we start to realize that she might not actually be the victim. In fact, we’ve totally misjudged her all along…

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    Joe Goddard feat. Mara Carlyle

    ‘She Burns’

    Directed by Soandsau (2013)

    This one from Hot Chip member Joe Goddard is a bit strange from the get-go. It opens with two medical types seemingly preparing a corpse for an open-casket funeral, filling her body with embalming fluid, applying her makeup, styling her hair and dressing her. But if she’s dead, then why do various parts of her body start randomly twitching, and why does no one in the room seem to notice? And what happens once the morticians leave the room? You’ll likely have a vague idea, but this video’s ending will nevertheless succeed at making you jump. (On a completely unrelated note, pay attention at the 2:18 mark for the most hilarious moment of this video.)

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    Depeche Mode


    Directed by Patrick Daughters (2008)

    Unlike most of the clips on this list of Music Videos With Surprise Endings, you don’t necessarily need to wait until the conclusion of this one to reach the plot twist. When DM's 'Wrong' kicks off, you see a seemingly empty car backing onto a street, and you’re left wondering where the driver is. Then you see him, passed out across the front seats. Has he fallen asleep? Is he drunk? Our first assumption as he hits other vehicles and a pedestrian is to blame him for being an irresponsible driver. But then, we discover that the man (played by Liars drummer Julian Grossis) is actually wearing a Michael Meyers-esque mask, and that he’s just as much a victim as that pedestrian was. Will he make it out of the car alive? Watch to find out…

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    Living Things

    'Fake it Baby, Fake it (La Dame Nature)'

    Directed by Floria Sigismondi (2012)

    The name Floria Sigismondi may likely ring a bell, since she’s the insanely talented woman behind some of the greatest music videos of all time, including Marilyn Manson’s ‘The Beautiful People,' David Bowie’s ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight),’ Muse’s ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ and Justin Timberlake’s ‘Mirrors’. She’s also directed quite a few videos for her husband’s equally talented band, Living Things. The No. 8 entry on our list of 10 Music Videos With Surprising Endings features an ongoing love triangle involving a beautiful woman and two members of the band. It doesn’t necessarily feature a major "oh my gosh" type of twist, but the conclusion is enough to make you chuckle -- and to feel slightly sympathetic towards the poor Berlin brothers.

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    Frightened Rabbit

    ‘The Woodpile’

    Directed by handheldcineclub (2012)

    This video raises so many questions. Initially, we wonder why there are cops and observers standing at the entrance of a convenience store. What are they looking at? What happened? And then we see a man collapsed on the ground, with a puddle of what appears to be blood coming from under his head. Why is the man standing next to him continuing to eat his Cheetos? Why are there no paramedics there yet? Why isn’t anyone attempting to help the seemingly injured and/or dead man lying on the ground? And why does the TV reporter who's shown up suddenly appear so puzzled when she looks at the man? What does she see that that mortifies her so much? Why are all of the onlookers mouthing “Oh my god?" Watch this video through until the end to find out. Not bad for a day’s worth of filming in Queens.

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    The Raveonettes

    ‘Curse The Night’

    Directed by Storm/Hansen (2012)

    There’s just something about little kids congregating late at night that’s creepy. Put it in black and white, and it gets a little creepier. Dress two of them as little drummer boys who gradually collect their friends as they pass their bedroom windows, and it becomes even more bizarre. Line them up in a row, place them in the middle of an almost empty road and give them all some scary-looking masks, baseball bats and guns, and you’ve got one super eerie setup for a horror film. Take a guess as to what happens next, when they approach two men driving a van full of money. (Warning: Do not watch this before bedtime. Or before driving a van full of money around an isolated road at night…)

  • 4



    Directed by Jamie Thraves (1995)

    Sometimes, a twist ending doesn’t just hit you with a conclusion you weren’t expecting, but it proceeds to confuse you even more. Cheers, Radiohead, for confusing, inspiring and depressing us -- all within a four-minute video. Here, we see a well-dressed, middle-aged businessman walking down the streets of London, until he suddenly and unexpectedly collapses to the ground, causing another passerby to trip over him. Why did the first man drop to the ground? We spend the next three minutes trying to answer the same question that all of the video’s onlookers are asking, only to be hit with his whammy of an answer: "Yes I'll tell you, I'll tell you why I'm lying here ... but God forgive me ... and God help us all ... because you don't know what you ask of me." What does he say after that? Who knows? But what happens next will surely bewilder you even further.

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    The Killers

    ‘Here With Me’

    Directed by Tim Burton (2012)

    Tim Burton + Winona Ryder = the perfect recipe for a beautiful, wacky and unpredictable adventure. Normally, we’d also see Johnny Depp in the mix, but in the Killers’ 2012 video for ‘Here With Me,' we find Craig Roberts ('Submarine') playing the leading man, proving to be just as quirky and disturbing as Depp could be. In this video (which Burton says was inspired by the 1935 film 'Mad Love,' as well as the works of Mario Bava), Roberts falls in love with Ryder but has to settle for a wax mannequin replica of her instead of the real deal. We won’t tell you what happens next, since we don’t want to burn out the element of surprise, but if you haven’t already seen this video, you will not be anticipating the ending. Just don’t expect it to make any sense.

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    Best Coast

    ‘Our Deal’

    Directed by Drew Barrymore (2011)

    It’s the classic 'Romeo and Juliet'/'West Side Story'-type deal here, where two star-crossed lovers from rival gangs fall head-over-heels in love with each other but can’t be together. We’ve seen it all before, but the magnificent Drew Barrymore (and some very talented young actors) manages to bring the story back to life with two major heartbreaking bumps in the road. If you’ve got 11 minutes of spare time, watch the extended cut so you can appreciate the full beauty of this video. It starts off a little cutesy, then quickly turns violent and heartbreaking. As you can probably guess by the premise, one of the lovebirds doesn’t make it out alive, but what you see after that will, without fail, bring a tear to your eye. Well played, Ms. Barrymore.

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    The Prodigy

    ‘Smack My Bitch Up’

    Directed by Jonas Åkerlund (1997)

    Using drugs, feeling people up, getting into bar fights, visiting female nudie bars, taking a stripper home -- all signs point to one hell of a good night for a lad, right? Even before you hit the final shocking moments of this video, you’re in for one majorly debauched ride (seriously, it’s totally NSFW), but then again, what would you expect from a song titled ‘Smack My Bitch Up’? For some reason, no matter how many times you view this video (and cringe slightly in the process of doing so), you’ll continue to be surprised by the outcome.

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