Beautifully blending the lines of indie, alternative and grunge rock, Vinyette have been crafting their sound for the better part of seven years. Frontman Nathan Frye, guitarist Danny Monico and drummer Jonathan Crowley first came together in a basement on the Lower East Side and have since added bassist Marc Ligenza to the lineup, released their debut LP, Every Little Mouse Run, and toured across the globe -- even opening for Marky Ramone and Andrew W.K. in the Czech Republic.

Today (April 14), Diffuser is ecstatic to partner with the quartet to premiere the brand-new, self-recorded track, “Charlie” -- take it for a spin in the audio player below.

“Charlie is this hot ass, young American gypsy. She’s prone to hitting the road and breaking hearts,” the rockers tell us about the subject of their new song. “She’s pretty much a couch surfer, living her life on the road in an attempt to satisfy her adrenaline addiction. She could be trouble or troubled in many senses. She leaves her mark everywhere she goes, but it’s not only because of her beauty -- it’s her brazen style and honest intrigue she finds in the many connections she makes.”

They go on, “Basically, this song is about a person reminiscing on the meeting and eventual loss of this gypsy love. It’s about the admiration of her lifestyle, her sharp tongue that displayed her smarts and open-hearted living ... with a dark past.”

After quitting their jobs to focus on their music, Vinyette moved into a house in Michigan where they recorded “Charlie.” The track was then mixed and mastered by Ariel Levine in San Diego.

With the release of the new track, Vinyette are planning on heading out this May for a midwest tour, along with a couple of scheduled gigs in New York City. You can stay up-to-date with everything happening in their world at their official website.