Those rotting, walking corpses aren't really corpses -- they're just really sick. Really, really sick. We're guessing that will be the new approach taken to make 'The Walking Dead,' perhaps the most violent show ever produced for cable, more "family friendly."

MyNetworkTV, a Fox-owned channel that runs syndicated reruns of shows, just bought the rights to re-air episodes of America's favorite cannibal-fueled drama this fall. And we're guessing Mynet's in-house video editors will certainly have their work (prepare for bad pun) "cut out" for them.

In order to make the show fit Mynet's standards, they will have to get it down to a TV-14 rating. It's worth noting that, while the show currently has a TV-MA rating, it started out at TV-14. We can only assume that whoever gave the show that first rating did so without actually watching a single second of it.

MynetworkTV will either have to use some fancy CGI tricks to obscure all the stringy guts and crushed heads, or cut the show's run time in half. How scary do you think 'The Walking Dead' will be when Rick escapes on bicycle from a zombie woman with cartoon legs?

And we'd love to see the gang use flower bouquets and wiffle-ball bats instead of axes and picks to split zombies' heads open. Maybe they can change the color of all that rotten, black blood to something more festive, like a nice bright orange or sunny yellow.

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