For those of you who experienced New York City's massive CMJ Music Marathon this year, you know how crazy it is: non-stop music, night after night, for an entire week. If you weren't lucky enough to check it out, don't worry! Diffuser is ecstatic to premiere a video shot during this year's CMJ, courtesy of New York's own Walking Shapes. Check out their performance of 'Feel Good' in the video above.

There are few bands that can blend a raw and gritty sound with polished and -- can we say sexy? -- rhythms, but Walking Shapes seem to be experts as it, especially in their live setting.

"It feels really great to play 'Feel Good' live because we actually get to look into people's eyes and remind them why they are at a gig and experiencing music," the band tells us.

About the song itself, Walking Shapes explain that they actually were in the studio writing and recording it during last year's CMJ festival. "In the course of the year, we released our album 'Taka Come On,' and shot a video for 'Feel Good' in the Dominican Republic," they say. "Now, one year later, it comes full circle and the album and video have been released -- and it's rad to have been back at CMJ playing it live. One might say it feels ... splendid."

Splendid indeed.

To get your hands on Walking Shapes' new album, 'Taka Come On' -- and for their full tour itinerary -- head over to their official website here.

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