Broken hearts hurt like nobody's business, but they're nothing the open road can't cure. In Washed Out's new video for 'All I Know,' an aspiring young filmmaker set on capturing "real human emotion" takes to the highway with his lovelorn buddy, Victor, hoping to erase all memories of the dreaded ex-girlfriend Faye, who's evidently "getting pounded by some older guy."  Also, she lives with him.

Directed by Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen and co-produced by Urban Outfitters as part of their UO Music Video Series, the clip follows as Victor and his well-intentioned friend hang in abandoned buildings, drive golf balls into the water and enjoy the company of two nice young ladies. As the four go for a swim and engage in some flirty pillow fighting, it seems Faye's specter has been ghost-busted for good.

Or has it? Watch all seven minutes to find out what happens when our heroes wind up in Los Angeles, then ask yourself this: If these dudes wanted to feel better, why didn't they just queue up Washed Out's sublime 'Paracosm,' the jacuzzi-soothing album from which this tune comes, and let their troubles melt away?