U2 aren't really known for doing things in any sort of way that could be construed as "understated," and they're apparently not starting now. The video for "Song for Someone" is actually a "short film," it stars Woody Harrelson it'll premiere after the season premiere of Rectify on July 9.

Directed by Vincent Haycock and with cinematography by Steve Annis, the film is about a man being released from prison after years of incarceration. It also features Harrelson's daughter, Zoe. (Check out the promo below.)

There's not much in the way of music in the brief clip, but the song has been out since Apple thrust U2's Songs of Innocence into everybody's iTunes. (You can hear it here.) The short film will air July 9 at 11PM EST on the Sundance Channel.

U2 – "Song for Someone' (Promo)