When it comes to music videos, you can expect a couple of things from Laura Marling: a laid-back vibe, Marling acting shy with a guitar in her hand. However, in her latest visual for "Gurdjieff's Daughter," she shows us another side. Check it out above.

Instead of going for the straightforward stage performance, Marling gets loose as she frolics through a party to dole out advice and support to her friends and family. And if you give the lyrics a closer look, you'll see that the whole song features different pieces of advice, much like spiritual teacher George Gurdjieff, gave to his daughter (the apparent inspiration for this song).

What makes this video even more entertaining is how she actually talks to the sadder individuals in the house. From lying on to putting her head in their laps, she wears her heart on her sleeve; she seems like she'd make a perfect best friend, right?

"Gurdjieff's Daughter" is featured on Marling's Short Movie, which is out now via Ribbon Music. After playing a couple of shows in Brooklyn recently, Marling will be embarking on her U.K. tour this month -- find her full schedule here.

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